Ritika Bajaj

Founder & Director

The queen of unique ideas and concepts. Creativity is her sword, writing is her shield. Truly madly deeply in love with coffee, books, pandas, Rumi, Amrita Pritam, Imroz. The karta-dharta of our universe.

Deeksha Bajaj

Founder & Director

The solution to every problem, our knight in shining armor and the first line defense when it comes to damage-control.
PS: Do not touch her stationery.

Gaurav Khindaria Consultant Ninjas

Either he finds a frame or the frames find him- it's a hard tell when someone finds room for cinema everywhere. When not directing or writing, he can be spotted watching film trailers or dropping film trivia.

Sanjeev Sachdeva Consultant Ninjas

Master in the art of editing and affectionately called parinda, because his special cameos are as rare as a hummingbird in Mumbai.

Salil Sand Consultant Ninjas

Administrative loose ends? Tied up. Creative issues? Solved. Gossip craving? Satisfied. Sass-deprived? Say no more.

Charul Prabhakar Consultant Ninjas

Delivers scripts overnight. Runs on fumes. Is fueled sarcasm. Tries her best to smash patriarchy with her tiny hands. Also, Punjabi songs don’t hurt nobody!

Utsav Chatterjee Consultant Ninjas

Here comes the party starter! The refreshing summer cocktail to our creative sessions with 100% fun guaranteed.

Samarpit Bajaj Creative Roomies

Wannabe CEO of Indian Storytellers (Approval Pending) Energy, infectious. Confidence, boss. Looks, mashallah. Ideas, hazaar.

Amal Solanki Creative Roomies

A recommended mixture of sweet and spicy, she is the method to the madness. Her simple pleasure includes chai, khaana, long feedback emails and rolling eyes.

Shyamlee Uday Creative Roomies

Size S with XL dreams. Turns client briefs into perfect pitch decks through a carefully regimented program of internal screaming. Always up for bouncing off creative ideas and digital content solutions. Also, THANE IS MUMBAI!

Deep Hindocha Creative Roomies

For a Gujju, he’s not so Gujju. Officially adopted by the house and busy managing million things apart from shoots. Won’t think twice before burping out loud.

Aditya Singhi Creative Roomies

Young, wild and restless! Handles art and props like a boss. Constantly looking out of the window, wondering when he can be back on set.

Muhtashim Akram Creative Roomies

Introverted and witty. Charmer all day, everyday. And when you finally manage to look past it, our poet writes like a dream.

Chanchlesh Sidar Post and Edit Stars

The OG storyteller of the House of IST, First of His Name, King of the Edits, the Unproblematic, Father of Editors, The Thanos of the Great Edit Room. Sigil: iMac. Motto: Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Piyush Pandey Post and Edit Stars

‘Ho Jayega’ is his keyword and a good amount of sleep is his only requirement. Our very own Snorlax.

Smita Chopra Post and Edit Stars

The first lady of the edit room, caretaker of hard drives and client feedback that drives her nuts. Her happiness lies in the approval and final delivery of the master.

Danish Shaikh Post and Edit Stars

The young gun, quick learner and ace player of PUBG.

Swapnil Bhilare Post and Edit Stars

The newest, happiest addition to our house. His work is his hobby. No kidding.

Anil Gupta Accounts and Admin

Asks for bills as if he likes to collect them. Saves paper like an activist. Voted Most Popular in the Office at the end of every month. He used to have a full head of hair before we found him. True story.

Manish Singh Songra Production

The master of multi-tasking and managing production with a constant subtle smile.

Ashok Help

Sugar. Spice. Everything nice. With a whole lotta love- these are just some of his favorite ingredients that keep the IST house smelling like heaven and our tummies well taken care of.

Bappi Help

IST sets don't run without him. Because only he knows the whereabouts of...well, everything.

Taana ji Help

Our Kitchen Kanhaiya and an integral cog in the production machine.

Atul Help

Chauffeur Extraordinaire. Yet production is his true calling.

FooBoo but call me Foo!

The real superstar of the company and the millennial brand ambassador, who makes sure everyone follows his lead. His hobbies include sleeping, munching electronic wires and scratching his favourite hoomans.